Advertising with SportBikeArmy


You'll find that our advertising rates are relatively low, but please understand that we are not actively looking for advertisers. We will not advertise any product that we (the editors and staff) are not willing to actively recommend to another rider. This means that we must have personal experience with your product, and we must have a positive experience with it.
If you have a product that you would like us to review, please contact us at We will be happy to work with you! If we determine that your product is one that we would recommend, the following rates will apply:
Non-revolving margin ad (200 x200 pixels) with link $50.00 per month.
Non-revolving banner ad (800x200 pixels) with link $100.00 per month.
Full page ad on our site (your design) $200.00 per month.
The annual rate for any of the above is equal to 10 months. i.e. a margin ad is $500.00 per year. Any reviews done by SportBikeArmy staff will also be permanently posted in our forum.

The same rates appy to any Vendor from whom we accept advertising. Additionally, we require that the Vendor provide us with a contact number direct to a supervisor or manager with the authority to resolve any dispute. In the event that a member of SportbikeArmy is dissatisfied with a purchase from the vendor, SBA will attempt to mediate the dispute by using that contact number. Also, a member of the SBA staff will make an 'anonymous' purchase from the vendor prior to accepting any advertising. The purpose of this is to insure that the selection, purchase, aquisition and return of the vendor's product meets the requirements for ease of use. We will not endorse any vendor until we are satisfied that this process is one we would actively recommend to another rider.
If you are interested in advertising your store with SBA, please contact us at Please note that we may offer a slightly reduced rate if you are willing to provide a discount to verified members of SBA.